2 thoughts on “Silver Linings

    • Inger, I used a 30 sec exposure at F22. I also used a neutral density filter at ISO 100. This blocks out the light evenly and allows longer exposure. Sometimes I will use 2 gradient neutral filters in front of the lens to lower the light value of the sky or a combination of neutral density filter plus holding a gradient neutral filter by hand in front of the lens. The sun and sky are always the brightest and you need something to darken them, lower their light value, so the filters work good. If I use a tiffen holder with 2 gradient filters I can position the gradient anywhere and much more control of the light but the two filters can reflect light off themselves so that creates it own set of problems. The neutral density filter is a screw on filter and the gradient neutral filters are rectangular so you can hold them in a holder or by hand(which you have to keep watch to make sure the filter stays in front of the lens. Both sets come in different light values. They never wear out just get dusting and sometimes scratched. Good luck and keep taking photos, I enjoy your blogs. I once heard that if you like one out of every hundred photos you take then you are doing good. Take care, Jim


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