7 thoughts on “Galaxy of Stars

    • We live in Montana. It has been a mild spring thus we might have a big fire season, comes with the territory. Have a good day. Jim


    • You need a wide aperture, steady tripod, cable release, high ISO and less than 30 seconds of exposure. ISO 3200-6400. Just try it some dark night, it was fun. Jim

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      • I will try it for sure! Don’t have a cable release, but I am thinking putting in a delay (2 sec or so) would work the same?


      • The delay in the shutter will stop some of movement, just make sure the shutter is set to stay open 20-30 seconds. Give each time a try with you widest opening in your lens. Also a wide angle lens will get more of the sky. I like to have something in the foreground to give some depth. You could even try to paint in the foreground with a flashlight or other light source to give an interesting effect. In lightroom I also will change the white balance to 3200K to give the sky the deep blue color our eyes are expecting. Experiment and have fun. JIm

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